About Us

I have been a ceramic potter for over 40 years, taught many students, and work out of my own studio. I love the feel of clay on my hands, and being able to make a lasting piece of art that is durable and touchable. The glazes add deep rich colors which enhance the beauty, shape, and design of each piece.

Our dog Daphne, my companion for over 12 years, recently passed away. We had her remains cremated and I mourned the loss of my buddy. The empty space left by her was tough to bear. She was a light in my life that kept me company and kept me laughing. I wanted some way to keep her memory close to me; I still wanted to touch a part of her. An epiphany! I'm a potter, I have a studio and I have her ashes.

I mixed a small amount of Daphne’s ashes with my stoneware clay to create a keepsake memory. For the final words, I imprinted the clay with the date she left us and the short sentiment “always in our hearts”. I finished this memorial with a beautiful glaze to compliment the design. After the kiln firing process I now have a tangible Memory Tail of my companion to keep on my desk, in my purse, pocket, window sill, or anywhere I feel the need to be close. I also made additional keepsakes for other family members who loved our dog, their pal, best friend and companion. It's comforting to hold the Memory Tail of our dog Daphne in the palm of my hand and remember the joy she brought to our family.

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